Top Canadian Universities

One of the most important decisions that a young person can make is choosing where to go after they're done high school. Some people are on a clear path right from the beginning and know that they want to be a rental expert or a geotechnical engineer overseas, while others will need a few extra years to figure things out. And while some will want to be at a school with a great academic reputation above all else, others are looking more for the combined package of a school that can teach them all about things like investments in their business class and a school community with lots of personality and extra curricular activities. Here are some of the top choices when it comes to universities in Canada.

According to the QS Top Universities survey, the top university in Canada in the McGill University. They also rank the same school as being the sixteenth best post-secondary institution in the world. Next in line is the University of Toronto, which is in the world's top thirty list. MacLean's Magazine's annual university rankings see things very differently, with Simon Fraser, the University of Victoria, and the University of Waterloo taking the top three spots. Whether you're planning to work in the bioscience field or want to be in clean water and environmental systems you will find what you're looking for at one of these locations.

While in the United States they have the Ivy League, here in Canada we have the Group of Thirteen. These schools are believed to be the top research-intensive institutions in the nation and includes the Universities of Alberta, British Columbia, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, and Dalhousie, Universite Laval, McGill, McMaster, Queen's, and Western. Whether you're studying to teach anger management classes as a trained psychologist or are interested in becoming a financial planner these schools will provide you with all of the necessary classes and a long list of alumni to contact for advice and job opportunities.

There are also several schools throughout Canada that excel for specific programs. McGill and the University of Toronto are ranked as having the top medical doctoral programs and law schools, while Redeemer and Trinity Western hold the best scores when it comes to student surveys. If you're looking into attending any university in Canada you should take the time to visit the school to see how it fits with you and your personality. While on paper it might seem like the best choice for studying photography or political science on the East Coast, it could just not be right for you.

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