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There are many things that make Canada a unique place to live and there are just as many unique opportunities for post secondary studies in Canada. This country is home to many leading research and development universities in a vast array of fields of study. Choosing to obtain your education in Canada can result in a very specific education that will serve you well in your chosen career, whether you decide to join the military or become a lawyer, the best education for your field can only be found in Canada.

Many Canadian schools are leaders in the field of medical research and doctor training, such as MacMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, or Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, for example. These programs offer students the unique experience of working first hand with patients as residents at the universities teaching hospitals. This method enables medical students to apply their knowledge in real situations and increase their knowledge of bedside manner by watching experienced doctors at work. This co-operative style of education ensures that the doctors being produced by these Canadian schools are not detached from the people they are serving, and graduate with a well rounded sense of what their careers will be like on a daily basis. The excellence of the medical training in Canadian schools is apparent by the lack of class action suits in Canada against medical practitioners, as well as the huge demand for Canadian doctors the world over.

Many artistically minded people may also find amazing opportunities across Canada for performing arts programs, media arts and fine art degrees. From British Columbia to Toronto, there are dozens of top schools that offer amazing educational experiences. Learning from the best in the field is a sure way to achieve success in your studies, and the experts at the Emily Carr University of art and design in BC are sure to know a thing or two about their craft. Thespians of all types frequently face stiff competition when auditioning to one of the Canadian acting schools, whether it is the theatre program at Ryerson University or the University of Toronto, moving to a student condo might be the first step in your education - and the right move, considering this city is known in the movie industry as North Hollywood! Once you have graduated the opportunities for performers in Toronto are endless, and often times meeting other performers in classes can be the start of a new production company or acting troupe. Choosing to study in Toronto is a wise choice, since your career can begin before you have even graduated!

Whatever it is that motivates you, and whatever you choose to study, attending a Canadian school will certainly present you with opportunities that do not exist elsewhere. Once you have finished your education, and have graduated from your program with flying colors, you are ready to begin your career in this exciting country! This might mean sampling all that Canada has to offer and going on holiday in a new province or territory, or exploring waterfront cottages in Ontario with dreams of building your summer retreat. No matter what you do after graduation, choosing to obtain your education in Canada means unique and long lasting experiences.

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