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University or college graduation is a very exciting time, filled with a huge assortment of mixed emotions for the graduates. This day marks the end of their long journey (for some it is more like a long struggle!), and celebrates their achievement of finishing years of studying which results in earning their degree. Once all of the flashbulbs of the cameras have gone off, and the heartfelt speeches of the ceremony are over, graduates are all faced with the same question: What now?

Finding a job after graduation need not be a stressful event. There are many potential employers out there in a wide array of fields, and tapping into those opportunities can be much easier that one might think. In fact, many universities have an abundance of resources and aides to help you land that dream job, or join your favorite company in an entry-level position. Perhaps this means that you apply to manage a small SEO company in Canada, or apply to represent real estate listings with a large real estate agency. Whatever your career objective may be, however grandiose or small scale your ambitions, your university has all that you need to get going on your job hunt.

The library is often a great place to start, or more specifically, the librarian. These research specialists know about the most up-to-date job databases, as well as how to access many other tools that are available to new graduates. This includes everything from help with resume or cover letter writing, to printing and faxing these documents out to potential employers and many others. The issues faced by recent graduates are well understood by these librarians and they may be able to offer much needed guidance and support when searching for a job, and can make it a very enjoyable experience indeed. They have an abundance of information at their fingertips and can easily help you find information on anything, from the rates of variable mortgages, or the availability of housing in downtown Ottawa, they can help with much more than just your job search - they can assist in your transition to your new city and new life, helping you land the job, house and dog that you want the most!

Other resources at the university that are slightly less conventional include the powerful tool of networking. By meeting with other graduates, as well as professors and university administrators to spread that word that you are looking for a job is a great way to get your foot in the door in many circumstances. Even if this is not an instant job guarantee, keeping in close touch with these individuals from your university career can increase your chances of being considered for positions or projects in the future. Information sharing is an important part of the job search process and can be just as beneficial as network marketing leads can be in the advertising field, for example, and just as essential as dealership marketing in today's competitive automotive markets.

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