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Thinking about attending a university or college in Canada, maybe to fulfill a dream of working in a research lab or to work for an architect making house plans for Mississauga condos? Whether you are a Canadian citizen or a student looking for the best educational opportunities that Canada has to offer, odds are that you will be interested in exactly what student resources one can expect at a post secondary institution in the country. After all, these resources will be what makes the entire educational process possible. In this section of our site, we are going to take a look at a wide variety of educational resources that are accessible to the Canadian student.

First of all, it is important to realize that the most important resources for students at Canadian post secondary institutions will be those provided by the institutions themselves. Taking a look at the libraries in Ontario universities and Ontario colleges can really give students a good idea of just how involved the institution is when it comes to providing a valuable education. As a general rule, the larger the university the larger the library will be. In addition, large libraries mean more opportunities and resources for students, and there is a much more diverse range of materials available.

On the topic of university libraries, it is important to understand that most Canadian facilities have methods of obtaining materials relevant to students in several different programs. For example, a student writing a paper on modern day philosophers will probably be able to find the appropriate materials through databases such as EBSCO. You don't need to be living in a prime location like Ottawa real estate to have access to great resources. However, knowing that these materials are out there and being able to access them are entirely different matters. A small university library can mean a lot more work, as far as chasing down relevant materials for important papers is concerned.

In some cases, the size of the school library can be compensated for by the access students have to libraries not on campus. Students enrolled in schools will have access to a much wider range of materials thanks to the large libraries found in the metropolitan centre. Also, thanks to the internet, project management in school can include the use of materials brought in from other universities across the province.

There are student resources available to people enrolled in Canadian institutions that go beyond research materials and can be just as vital. One great example for those considering Canada as a place to study abroad is English as a second language courses. These programs can be vital when it comes to understanding, processing, and assimilating the information in the various degrees offered by Canadian universities. Not only will programs assist students in their current endeavours, they also provide a good foundation for foreign students as they enter the business world. English continues to be the number one language in which business is conducted in the world today, so a fundamental understanding of the language can be vital. Most Canadian universities provide great ESL courses for their international students.

Whether you are interested in Canadian education as a home-grown student or an international student, part of the decision process will be the resources an institution can provide its student body. We take a look at some of the most vital areas of concern for students today, from research materials to campus orientations.

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