Group of Thirteen

The Group of Thirteen, more commonly referred to as the G13 (or G-13), is a group of leading research-intensive universities in Canada. Formed over 10 years ago as an informal biannual meeting of university executive heads, the primary activity of the G13 is in joint research programs. The chairmanship of the G13 rotates among the executive heads of the thirteen universities, whose combined enrollment is approximately 428,000 students, and that number increases with every passing year.

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Many of the schools included in this prestigious group were founded early in the nineteenth century (University of Laval being the exception, founded in Quebec City in 1663), and therefore have a very long legacy of excellence and achievement. The career directions of graduates are vast, from doctors to engineers, every student can find optimal opportunities within the top Canadian schools. Choosing to attend on of these schools is a wise choice not only in terms of education, but you will also join ranks with some of the brightest minds in Canada across the generations.

Members of the group of thirteen include six Ontario universities: Queen's University, McMaster University, and the Universities of Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, and the University of Western Ontario, three Quebec Universities: McGill, Laval and the University of Montreal, two in Alberta: University of Alberta and University of Calgary, as well as Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

The group of thirteen which stretches right across the country from sea to sea incorporates the differing opinions and lifestyles that each of these regions embodies. By working together on research projects, students and researchers can optimize results and reduce the amount of time their research takes. Whether the initiative of the researchers is to find out more about bipolar disorder Hamilton, Hull or Halifax based, or assessing the rates of a fixed mortgage Toronto Canada or London England, working with schools across the country to compare and trade data will yield greater results at a much quicker rate. This is a huge advantage for medical science and all sorts of other research projects as well.

The university years are a time for self discovery, for developing interests and ideas. There are many ways to get involved at school and foster your budding potential - from joining an intramural sports team to the writer's club or student council. Perhaps here you may discover a talent political activism which may encourage you to become a broadcaster for Democracy Now, the war and peace report. No matter where your career takes you after graduation, having a degree from one of the G13 schools will serve you well for years to come, and give you a strong foundation of knowledge on which to base your career. Graduates range from Toronto business CEOs to pharmacists, and everything in between! So regardless of your field of study, choosing one of the top schools in Canada will ensure your success and guarantee a lifetime of fulfillment in your chosen career.

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